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What is Accreditation

Accreditation is a process wherein independent or non-governmental agencies give acknowledgement to education providers or programs that meet specifically designed criteria. 

The primary purposes of accreditation are to ensure that an institution, course or qualification conform to general expectations and to assist educational institutions to continually improve the quality of their courses and qualifications.

Benefits of Accreditation

UKIQ accredited courses and qualifications show that the learning activities and qualifications have met the required UK International Qualifications standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been inspected to ensure integrity and quality. UKIQ accreditation gives recognized independent accreditation, consistent with global standards and benchmarks

For Educational and Training Providers

  • Educational and training providers can use the UKIQ logo on their websites and printing materials. Students can validate your courses via our website 24/7.
  • Better commitment to providing quality courses & training, practices and culture to students.
  • They can confidently promote their institutions, knowing their commitments to excellent education & training is affirmed.
  • Institutions enjoy the guaranteed status and added exposure to your target audience by being endorsed by UKIQ.
  • Support and guidance from UKIQ helps you strengthen and grow your institution.

For Learners and Students


  • Confidence and assurance that practices, materials, and other educational activities implemented within a course meet or exceed established standards.
  • Opportunity to gain appropriate knowledge and skills that will prepare the learners to standout in the competitive employment market or in the global business world
  • Better career prospects, as more and more employers seek to hire applicants from accredited programs.
  • UKIQ accreditation assures all potential students of the quality and high standards of their courses and training.
  • Assurance that the courses and training provided by the organisation are well structured and implemented, thereby guaranteeing return on investment.
  • Increased satisfaction due to improved effectiveness and efficiency of all aspects of the organisation.

Online Accreditation

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